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  The Anniversary Bangle is a gorgeous diamond set version of our patterned bangles (see our Products Pages).

The idea of the Anniversary Bangle is that one diamond set into the scrollwork of the Bangle represents 1 year (anniversary) of a couples union, whether that be marriage or partnership.  

So, in essence, if you and your partner have been married (or together) for 2 years you would purchase a bangle with 2 diamonds set into the scrollwork and on your third anniversary you would set a third diamond, on your fourth anniversary a fourth diamond and so on.

Of course there's no rule to say that we can't set however many diamonds you wish, at whatever time, but please take into account the pattern design and what will actually "fit" into the scrollwork.  If the Bangle runs out of room for diamonds (years or not), it could be time for another bangle!

Although we carry 11 different designs of Bangles, only certain styles are suited to being set with diamonds - please see our list below of model numbers for Bangles that diamonds may be set into and click over the code to see a picture of that bangle (no diamonds have been set into pictured Bangles).  Prices for Anniversary Bangles are available on application as they will vary depending on stones involved.

We hope you love the story behind our Anniversary Bangles, a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection.


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