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  George Andolfi was born in Marghera, Italy, but raised in South America.  He started his career as an apprentice of Italian jewellers in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1957, with his father being involved in the commercial side of the business.

In 1960, George moved back to Mestre, near Venice, and established a successful retail/manufacturing business.  He met and later married Grace and in 1969 the pair moved to Melbourne, Australia, where they began their business and have been operating ever since.                                                          

After his arrival in 1969, George began to revolutionize the jewellery industry in Melbourne by offering the trade and private clientele the most innovative and advanced jewellery collection of its time.  Bringing his skills and experience, steeped in European tradition, George has worked tirelessly to create pieces that show, beyond intrinsic monetary worth, the values of beauty and craftsmanship.

Along with his inherent talent as a jewellery designer,  George is a Master jeweller.  This is a person who is able to create the most exquisite, handcrafted piece of jewellery, from the absolute basic form of, for example, a bar of gold and gems, to the end product.  Master jewellers are few and far between and their experience, talent and skills are usually derived from years of dedication and a natural love of one of the oldest art forms of our times.

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